Welcome to MakoJo Software!  This site contains
MakoJo's Editors, Viewers and Utilities for APBA Computer Sports Simulation Games, as well as an assortment of unique data disks, stadiums and assorted other game add-ons.   The Football programs are distributed with the APBA Football Game.  Almost everything on this site is free for the download.  The shareware items are clearly marked as such.  Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with the APBA Game Company or Miller Associates (or anybody else!). Serving the APBA community since 1996.


     What's New! 

  10/27/14  No progress as yet on upgrading the programs to 32 bit.  At this point it's probably best to assume that they will not be updated.  My apologies to those who have been patiently waiting.  

And because we all like free stuff......


Send an E-Mail to MakoJo (makojo@makojo.com). We welcome comments and suggestions about the programs and are happy to help with any problems encountered with the programs.  When writing about a program please be sure to include the version number of the program that you are using in your e-mail. And you might want to include ''APBA'' in the subject of your e-mail. We sometimes get a little overzealous at deleting suspected spam.   :)


About the Programs

These programs are all full featured Windows programs and will work under Windows 3.1, Windows '95, Windows '98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  If you are running a 64 bit version of any of these operating systems you will need to first install a 32 bit virtual machine and then install the programs to the virtual machine.  Note that the Baseball programs  will not work with Baseball for Windows 5.75.  They feature point and click controls and have built in Help files.  You may have read about some of them in the APBA Journal.  The Football Programs were distributed by APBA on the Football for Windows CD.  The program "bundles" contain the programs as well as all of the other files needed to run the programs such as Help Files and .dll files (except for vbrun300.dll, see below).  The latest versions of programs are usually available separately for a short time after the update is released so that you don't have to download the whole bundle over and over again. vbrun300.dll  is required to run these programs but is not distributed with the programs because most people have it already.  If you need this file, click on it to download it. (225k)  Unzip vbrun300.zip and extract vbrun300.dll into your windows\system directory (folder).

It is okay to share these programs with your friends.  It is also okay to link to them from other sites.  But please link to the complete distribution bundles with all the included files, not just the latest .exe files.  You may want to consider, however, linking to the files here rather than reposting them so that your visitors always get the latest version.

All of the files have been zipped with PKZIP.  Just click on the icon or file name to download the zip file, unzip it, and then either run the included setup program (for bundles) or copy the new version of the files to the directory on your hard drive where the program currently resides.  If you need an unzipper program, you can download one from PKWare's Home Page, WinZip's Home Page, or InfoZip's Home Page.  

 If you like to poke around in data files with a hex editor, then I recommend the MZap Hex Editor (11k).  I like it because it shows the file contents in hex and decimal and ascii all at the same time. This makes it easy to identify names, codes, stats, etc., all from one view.