This page contains MakoJo's Baseball Programs, Season Disks, Stadiums and Other Resources.

Baseball Page The Baseball Programs on this page can be divided into three groups.  Some are included in the Baseball Bundle.  Some are included in the Baseball Utilities Bundle.  And some are only available separately.  A bundle is the full distribution set containing the executable program files and all of the associated files, such as data files and Help files.  If you do not have the programs yet, then you will want to download the bundle.  Just click on the disk icon to start the download process.  If you do have the program and a later version is available, you need only download the appropriate file. Most of these programs are Windows programs and will not work with the DOS BB Game unless that is specifically noted.  Also note that these programs will not work with Baseball for Windows 5.75.

Each of the programs is listed below.  Click on the  icon for a description of the program.  If a program update is available, the  icon will be visible. Click on the  icon to download the update.

Don't forget to download vbrun300.dll  if you don't already have that file on your computer. None of the programs will run without it.  Unzip vbrun300.zip and extract vbrun300.dll into your windows\system directory (folder).

The Baseball Bundle contains:

Player Editor (also works with DOS Game)

Multiple Card Viewer (also works with DOS Game)

Organization Editor

MicroManager Manager

Stadium Manager

The Baseball Utilities Bundle contains:

Disk Unscrambler

Master Game Symbol Adjuster

Master Game Symbol Synchronizer

Team Master Game Symbol Adjuster

CMBA Grade Calculator/Converter

Text Exporter/Importer

Card Number Exporter/Importer

xstat.dat Exporter/Importer

BB4Win Passport Visa

Stat Leveler

Stat Compare

Master Symbol and Lineup Print Utility

Major League Equivalencies

Player Name Adjuster (also works with DOS Game)

xstat.dat Installer

A.I.M Editor

. .


Player Editor (also works with the DOS Game) (ver. 3.0.9)
Baseball Card Viewer (also works with the DOS Game) (ver. 2.0.7)
Organization Editor (ver. 1.1.1)
MicroManager Manager (ver. 1.4.3)
Stadium Manager (ver. 2.2.3)
Disk Unscrambler (ver. 1.0.4)
Master Game Symbol Aduster (ver. 1.0.5)
Master Game Symbol Synchronizer (ver. 1.0.2)
Team Master Game Symbol Adjuster (ver. 1.0.3)
CMBA Grade Calculator Converter (ver. 5.0.1)
Text Exporter/Importer (ver. 1.0.6)
Card Number Exporter/Importer (ver. 1.0.1)
xstat.dat Exporter/Importer (ver. 1.0.2)
BB4Win Passport Visa (ver. 1.0.1)
Stat Leveler (ver. 1.1.1)
Stat Compare (ver. 1.0.7)
Master Game Symbol and Lineup Print Utility (ver. 1.1.1)
Major League Equivalencies (ver. 2.0.2)
xstat.dat Installer (ver. 1.4.1)
Player Name Adjuster (also works with DOS Game) (ver. 1.1)

A.I.M. Editor
(ver. 1.1.5)

T3 Normalization System - Time Travel Baseball
(ver. 1.0.3)
.wdd2dos  Shareware $10 (ver. 2.2) (55k)
OFAS Reformatter (For the Board Game Only) (ver. 2.2.1) (51k)
DOS StatMaster Player Name Adjuster (only for the DOS Game) (ver. 1.1.1) (111k)
DOS Organization Shifter (only works with the DOS Game) (ver. 1.0.1) (15k)
1950 Card Set Viewer (ver. 1.1.3) (478k)
2002 Season Disk Relief Pitcher Durability Rating Fix (ver. 1.0) (8k)


The National Association 1871-1875

1869 Season Disk (Contains backup files for two organizations, one for Professional Teams only, the other for Professional Teams and Amateur Teams.)


Great Teams of the 19th Century

Extra Players for Negro Leagues Great Teams Data Disk


(Click on the thumbnail to see the full size graphic.)
Pilot Field (Dunn Tire Park), Buffalo, NY (View from Center Field) (787k)
Pilot Field (Dunn Tire Park), Buffalo, NY (View from First Base Side of Home Plate) (137k)
Dunn Tire Park, Buffalo, NY (View from directly behind Home Plate) (706k)
Doubleday Field, Cooperstown, NY (143k)
Reading Municipal Stadium, Reading, PA (130k)
Roberto Clemente Stadium (76k)

Harper College Field (1890)


Weinmann's Blvd. Park Field
(typical cow pasture that kids play on)


War Memorial Stadium, Buffalo, NY.  This is the stadium used for the movie "The Natural".


Artist's rendition of new Citizen's Bank Ball Park planned for Philadelphia.


Alternate Ballpark Field Effects Ratings, courtesy of Jay Wigley (This is a text file of the ratings for every Major League Park from 1876 to 1993.) (3k)

Excel Spreadsheet of the Parks that Major League Franchises played in and during what years, courtesy of Pat Boyer. (17k)


Coxx Pitching Grades for the Basic Board Game.  Click on the screen icon to display the Coxx Grades in your browser and print the Coxx Grade Sheets directly from your browser.

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