The Coxx card pitching system was first introduced by then-APBA Journal editor Tom Heiderscheit as a way to adapt the 30 master game grades to the basic game.  To use the Coxx card system, simply re-roll the dice anytime a preventable single is rolled (that is, a single which is turned into an out by some grades), and use the grade shown on the Coxx card instead of the original grade.  Optionally you may prefer to reroll just once per inning.  Or you may prefer to reroll for every at bat (which is great for face-to-face play!).  Just choose whichever method you prefer, without jepordizing any statistical quality!

Note that 3 'extra' grades are incorporated as well.  Grade AA is actually grades A, B, and C combined.  Whenever this is the result, it will prevent ALL hits.   On the other hand, Grade E prevents no hits, and adds a single with a two-base advance on result number 12.  Grade F also adds a single to result number 12 and it adds a single to result number 35 with a one base advance.

The use of Coxx grades may prevent a lot of "APBA-ball" strategies.  They can be used either with or without the batter platoon system.

For durability, we suggest printing these cards out on 110 weight card stock (which is very close to APBA's cards in thickness).

     Grade 1                Grade 2                Grade 3
11-B   31-D   51-D     11-B   31-D   51-D     11-B   31-D   51-D
12-F   32-E   52-E     12-E   32-E   52-E     12-E   32-E   52-E
13-D   33-C   53-D     13-D   33-C   53-D     13-D   33-C   53-D
14-E   34-E   54-E     14-E   34-E   54-E     14-E   34-D   54-D
15-D   35-D   55-C     15-C   35-D   55-C     15-C   35-D   55-C
16-E   36-D   56-D     16-E   36-D   56-D     16-D   36-D   56-D
21-  41-F   61-D     21-D   41-F   61-D     21-D   41-E   61-D
22-C   42-  62-D     22-C   42-D   62-D     22-C   42-D   62-D
23-E   43-E   63-E     23-D   43-E   63-D     23-D   43-E   63-D
24-E   44-C   64-    24-E   44-C   64-D     24-D   44-C   64-D
25-  45-D   65-F     25-D   45-D   65-F     25-C   45-D   65-F
26-E   46-E   66-A     26-D   46-D   66-    26-D   46-D   66-A